New year 2017 poems

New year 2017 poems-best, funny, English, hindi

New year 2017 poems-best, funny, English, hindi and all type of poems we have collected here so enjoy this collection of new year 2017 poems. First of all in this article we have collected especially relevant poems related to new year 2017. In addition to these new year 2017 poems we have also posted new year 2017 shayari. In this website most of all content is especially relevant to new year 2017. You can send these poems to your family, friends or anybody whom you want to wish new year 2017. So enjoy this collection of new year 2017 poems.


Here are some new year 2017 poems



New year 2017 poems

new year 2017 poem in english


Happy, Happy New Year!
SO We wish you all the best,
First of allGreat work to reach your fondest goals,
And SO when you’re done,sweet rest.
We hope so for your fulfillment,
Contentment, peace and more,
SO A brighter, better new year than
You’ve ever had before.
By Joanna Fuchs

New year 2017 poems

new year 2017 poem

My New Year Solutions, Not Resolutions
This year I want to be a monkey
Jumping from tree to tree
So Next year I can be a donkey
Braying from sky to sea.
so Every year I want to change
And experience something new
SO I wish I am something strange
Like the disappearing dew.
So I want to feel the life of a lion king
Sitting inside its majestic skin
SO Turning into a peacock I will sing
And be a cuckoopea Siamese twin
Why can’t I be a bubble?
SO Blow away and disappear
Instead of getting into trouble
consequently Making resolutions every year.


New year 2017 poems

happy new year 2017 poems


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Τhis night of Αll the nights Ιs the Υear’s last.
Αll, all Τhe other nights Αre gone, Αre past…
So Αfter the Εvening, with Ιts fading light,
Ρut the lid οn the hour Αnd close it Τight.
So Close υp your tiny Εye; close υp Τhe day.
Βid the old Υear, Good Bye, Αnd come Αway.



New year 2017 poems

new year 2017 poems in english


Nav Varsh
Harsh Nav
Jeevan Utkarsh Nav
Nav Umang
Nav Tarang
Jeevan Ka Nav Prasang
Naval Chaah
Naval Raah
Jeevan Ka Nav Pravaah
Geet Naval
Preeti Naval


New year 2017 poems

new year 2017 poem in hindi

Naye Saal ka Shor hai, Nayi Nahi Hai Baat

so Mehez Naam hi badalte, Kab badle haalat


Wahi December Janvary Wahi Farvary March

Nahi Phenkti Hia Roshni, Bigad Gayi Hai Taarch


So Badi Badi Hain Machliyaan, Chote hain taalab

Chutki Bhar Hai Zindagi, Mutthi Bhar Hain Khwaab


So Kheto Me Khatta Raha Hori Bhookhe Pet

Bhaiya Ji Hote Rahe Nis Din Overweight


So Hum Dharti ke poot hain, Ve Raaja Ke Poot

Wo Rehsam Ki Doriyaan, So Hum Hain Kacche Soot


So Paisa Unka Gyaan Hai, So Paisa Unka Dharm

Lajjit Hote Hi Nahi, Karke Kaale Karm


Oonchai ka dambh hai, Oonchai Se Pyaar

Haathi Bhi Lagta USey, Cheenti Jaisa Yaar


Mehek Rahein Hain Aap To Jaisey Koi Fool

Keechad Apni ZIndagi Hum Paaon ki Dhool




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